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"pecksniffian." if you say do not be apexsniffian. gram matticly incorrect. i am bill o'reilley. please always remember, the spin stops here. we're definitely looking out for you. tonight disturbing new details about the motive behind the horrific murder of 22-year-old college baseball player, christopher lane. welcome to "hannity" i'm david webb in tonight for sean. late last week, prosecutors say these three teens hunted down, shot and killed christopher lane for quote fun. and now a new report in the daily column might explain part of their motivation. the article explains that one of the alleged killers, james francis edward jr., posted racial statements on twitter. and according to the daily collar "edwards' social media
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activities are still on stark display and show the teen glorifying hiphop, violence and sex, pictures on facebook also show edwards and luna wearing gang colors, flashing gang signs, a couple of tweets also suggest that edwards was not fond of white people. on april 29th he tweeted "90% of white ppl are nasty #hatethem." earlier today, a fox news producer spoke with the stephens county, oklahoma district attorney. he said he will not focus on the shooting as being a hate crime but would rather stick to the murder charges. joining me with reaction are fox news contributor, former florida congressman allen west, and my friend fox news political analyst ron williams. colonel you're also my friend. but gentlemen, good to see you here. this is disturbing. because what i see is first a moral decay when children, young men, are in this lifestyle and
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position where they don't value human life. and juan, i'll first go to you. we've talked a lot about the rights of children and the future generations and the past. what do you say to this? >> well, it's just a horrific crime. and what you see here is young people who apparently do the worst possible crime, murder, out of boredom. and the problem here is, where is the structure? you talk about what's evident on his facebook page, david. and what's evident to me, and i know some people say well look he made a racial comment. this is a kid after the trayvon martin case he apparently spewed this. but there's no pattern of racial invective coming from him. instead it's about the gang colors, the hiphop, the culture which is a pornographic culture that celebrates people who commit crimes. how many people you've shot, how many people i've shot. have you been initiated in the gang lifestyle? are you tough enough? does this make you a man?
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these three kids, one white, one black, one biracial it seems to me are suffering from an american virus, which is a corrupt culture that led them to this horrific crime. >> colonel, to you, when it comes to the racial narrative, look, i don't want to draw this by the way into left, right, race or not race uniquely. this is so much broader, so much more complex. but colonel, there's a bit of hypocrisy now this is sold in the media oftentimes. hy reverse dynamic. yes, juan is right in the makeup, the ethnic makeup, we would see a different accident. the president weighing in entree von m on trayvon martin. what do you say to the country and parents who are raising children? >> a report came out that said basically these three young men were raising themselves. i think we can sit around and talk about the symptom. the greater disease is what we should be krnd about. when i look at the trends that are happening, these three young
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men in oklahoma, the fact that we're having a trial in marietta georgia where a 17-year-old young black teenager shot a 13-month-old baby in the face, in gulfport, florida where the three black teenagers beat up the one white teenager for turning them in because they were purportedly seeking to sell him drugs. and of course, we know what has happened in chicago, wewhat is e inner cities. it is a gangster culture out there. it is a culture that's being permeated throughout the media and throughout the entertainment industry that we need to start speaking out about. and furthermore, when you think about the fact that 72% of black babies are being born out of wedlock, this is the effects of the second and third order effects that we have seen in the inner city an the black community and in other communities where it's spilling over. so that is the real conversation that we need to start having. because i got to tell you, when i was 15, 16 or 17, my parents ensured they was not bored. i was either playing sports, my
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education, i had a part-time job, they kept me busy. and my mother always said, people will know you by the company that you keep. >> you know, juan, i often say you should go out in life regardless of color as a prospect not a suspect. and what we see here in this decay, the leaders -- and i'm not talking about black leaders or white leaders, i'm talking about leaders in america including parents, they need to get involved with this. why aren't we hearing from those examples and those who say that they have our best interests at heart? >> well, let me just be blunt with you. why aren't we hearing from civil rights leaders? i don't see the civil rights leaders out there leading marches and protests against violence, against the drug dealers, against the bad schools. saying to young women, hey, this is madness. i guess now it's about 30% of the white babies born to single moms, 50% of the hispanics, and as we just heard from colonel west, 70 plus percent of the black kids. where's the leadership to speak to that issue?
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to me there's a huge gap. even when president obama tries to speak to it, immediately there's a backlash. why are you talking down the black people? you remember jesse jackson threatened to castrate him. i just think that is another sign that these people are all in bed, literally sometimes, with the pornographers. a blind eye to the drug dealers, a blind eye to the people who tell you it's thug life or no life. that's what they want to exult in america. i just think this is a tragedy and they're always playing the victimization card. i don't agree when the pattern that colonel west just drew -- when i look at that situation down in florida with the three black kids beating up the white kid, the white kid by his own admission said, those guys were trying to sell me drugs and i told on them and the black kids called him someone who was a squealer or whatever. this is what happens in a bad culture. when you see corruption, i think to me the big problem is something like what the colonel was talking about in chicago and new york, d.c., where people are
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shooting each other mostly black people shooting black people, white people shoot white people. but right now it's overwhelmingly people of color with guns killing each other. and yes, that gets almost no attention. >> all right, colonel, what do we do? i'm a solutions guy. what do we do? if i put colonel allen west and juan williams out there, two powerful voices, people will listen. what are the solutions in the hood? what are things that need to be done because it's not a black problem or a white problem, it's a problem for all of america. >> i think that we have to go into the hood. look, i was brought up in the inner city of atlanta, georgia, the same neighborhood that dr. martin luther king jr. was born and raised in we're going to have the 50th anniversary of dr. king's "i have a dream" speech next week. i wonder how many leaders are going to stand up and challenge and speak just as juan just did and bring up some of the points they did to say that we're not fulfilling that dream. as a matter of fact, we're going backwards. so i think that hey, i'll be happy to get with juan, to go into these inner city black
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communities, to go to a historic black colleges and universities, to start saying we've got to turn this thing around. both of us, juan and i, are dads. >> i appreciate that so much, colonel. because you know, when people like you, people who have a national standing, i think of bill cosby. i wrote a book about bill cosby doing this and he immediately -- bill cosby, imagine how famous and how much stature he has. they immediately tried to cut him down, put him down, said he was airing dirty laundry, serving the interests of rush limbaugh. i was like, are you kidding me? but colonel i'm telling you, that's what you're in for if you try to do this. >> but don't we have to do this, gentlemen? >> 30 seconds left. >> don't we have to take these slings and arrows and go in there, colonel? >> yes. but see, juan, the thing is, when you've been in combat and served 22 years in the military, i've really been shot at. so the words and the barbs don't bother me. >> thank you, gentlemen.
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coming up next when "hannity" returns. it sound like a pretty tragic case. i wouldn't want to get ahead of the legal process here and the law enforcement officials are investigating. >> the very same white house that was quite vocal in the wake of trayvon martin's death is now clamming up about the christopher lane case. we'll examine their selective outrage when george zimmerman's brother robert, he joins me for an exclusive interview next. [ male announcer ] come to the golden opportunity sales event to experience the precision handling of the lexus performance vehicles, including the gs and all-new is. ♪ this is the pursuit of perfection. ♪ she loves a lot of it's what you love about her.
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do you have any reaction to the christopher lane case? >> i'm not familiar with it actually. >> that was white house deputy press secretary josh earnest yesterday punting a question regarding the brutal slaying of christopher lane. however, moments later after the event surrounding the murder were described, earnest had this to say. >> well, just that this sound like a pretty tragic case. i wouldn't want to get ahead of the legal process here and law enforcement officials are involved and investigating. >> talk about selective outrage. because if the obama standard for not commenting was because of legal processes ongoing, or if law enforcement officials involved or are involved, or if an investigation is taking place, then he should never have said this. >> my main message is to the parents of trayvon martin. if i had a son he'd look like
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travon. >> joining me with reaction to this glaring double standard is robert zimmerman, his brother was of course acquitted in the shooting death of trayvon martin last month. great to see you, robert. what do you say to this glaring hypocrisy in the reporting? and it's not always a race narrative, but it's the hypocrisy that gets me here. what do you say? >> david, it's great to be with you. i don't know where to begin on the white house. apparently they've lost internet access or there's some other explanation as to why the entire country is talking about the tragic slaying of chris lane and they're unaware of it just like jay carney was unaware weeks ago of our family's security situation. i see the double standard there. if the president feels like he should make remarks then he will. i wish that the white house chief deputy press secretary were a little bit more prepared to answer questions about some of the topics trending in our nation. i don't think it's fair to say
6:15 pm
that he should know about everything that has any kind of racial inflection, nor in this case do i think that we should point out only the race of the shooter or the alleged shooter as a factor that we need to look into and to decry it as racist. but for the fact that his social media accounts seem to by his own hand suggest that he hates white people and he quantifies 90% of -- i'm sorry -- of white people being nasty. and that kind of -- it's really disturbing. because he also tweets two days after the zimmerman verdict, my brother's verdict of not guilty, that he's been knocking out five what he calls peckers, which is a slang word, a derogatory word for white people. if you read between the lines there, that's a black young person saying that they are not happy with the verdict and that they are directing violence, hostility, towards people who are white, very specifically. and that's what i'm really
6:16 pm
bothered with. >> you know bothers me about, this is really about a thug lifestyle. it's not always black on white. it's something deeper than that. we have the references to white people, knocking them out. we have gang style initiation events. and when you look at this for what it is, the real danger is that it's hijacked for another agenda rather than dealing with the correct problem. in your brother's case, it was false narrative that it was a race issue that was pushed. that was supported by the race profiteers out there. and here we have a case whereas juan williams and colonel allen west both agreed earlier, there are no civil rights leaders leading a charge on what's happening to our young children today and why they end up in these situations. so when it comes to this white house, one, i don't think they should weigh in on everything. but do you think the president has a responsibility to weigh in and say, we have a problem with
6:17 pm
our youth when they have this kind of moral character? >> or lack of moral character. >> sure. i think the president when he did take to the podium, which is what ed henry was referencing in that tape that you played, he did say that we need to do some soul searching and to do some more directed efforts in terms of mentoring african-american youth. now, that happens to be what my brother was doing. and that's what your previous guests were alluding to. you have to go into the hood, which is quite literally what george did despite the funding being cut off, children whose parents, whose father were serving a life sentence in prison, were not something he was willing to dismiss and to just say, well, the funding's cut off and i'm out of here. he knows that the way to break the cycle is by directly intervening in young people's lives. so that if he sees something, for example, on their social media where they're trying to acquire guns or have guns or they hate this group of people or that group of people, there's some kind of an adult there to talk about it.
6:18 pm
and i think we make a lot of good points about this culture that seems to glorify guns, violence, terrible treatment of women, drugs, cash. whatever you want to call it. >> when we look at it for what it is, let's face it, they had a gun. it's illegal. should not have had the gun. this is not about a legal gun owner, this is about a thug lifestyle. this is about ownership of something that is a deadly weapon and using it to kill another human being. >> it's at its core the way i see it, it's a horrible failure of parenting. i'm not sure where we divorced ourselves as a society from the notion that what young people do in our midst, in our care, those who are under 18, are our responsibility. their actions are our responsibility as parents. parents have to be where the buck stops for the actions of its children. if you're 15, 16, 17-year-olds have guns or are trying to secure guns to procure guns for
6:19 pm
whatever reason, you need to know about it and you need to stop it. >> the problem, robert, these parents weren't even involved in the picture according to the police, according to neighbors. these kids ran wild. they were raising themselves. and that is not an environment that is ever successful when it comes to children. robert zimmerman, thank you for joining us. >> very good to see you, david. coming up, the new york city council overrides mayor bloomberg's veto. there will be new oversight to the police department's stop and frisk policy. i'll also explain why it's stop, question and frisk. does this put the public in danger? we'll tell you the very latest on this developing story when we return. stay with us. for pain and swelling?
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welcome back to "hannity" tonight brand-new developments centering around the nypd's controversial stop and frisk program again, stop, question and frisk. just a few hours ago, the new york city council voted to override mayor mike bloomberg's vetoes. and now a new watchdog group will be created making it easier for people to file racial profiling claims against the
6:24 pm
nation's largest police department. but does this put the public in danger? joining me now with reaction to this developing story, republican new york city mayoral candidate joe lhota. good to have you here, sir. >> david, great to be here. >> first let's put up the full screen of what this program is. stop, question and frisk. stop to temporarily detain a person for questioning. frisk, a running of the hands over the clothing, feeling for a weapon. search, to place hands inside a pocket or other interior part of clothing to determine if an object -- if object felt is a weapon. pretty accurate description? that's coming right out of the nypd patrol guide. >> absolutely. >> this reflects the supreme court decision, decision written by earl warren. >> right. >> so first of all, are you for this program? >> i am absolutely for this program. it's one of the key elements in how crime has been reduced, allowing for proactive policing.
6:25 pm
it's kept our city safe. starting in 1994, when we became more active in this area, quite honestly we've seen crime being reduced in all seven felony categories by almost 80%. it's unprecedented. new york city is by far the safest large city in america because of the men and women of the nypd. and what happened today is absolutely outrageous. we should be applauding the men and women of the nypd, not handcuffing them and preventing them from doing their job. >> so let's talk about the fourth amendment rights. and i'm with you. we don't want to go back to the mayor dinkins days in new york when it was, what some 2,000 murders a year. >> right. >> we have one of the safest cities in the country, 8 million people it swells during the day. fourth amendment rights. you hear this. i believe in protect our fourth amendment rights. under this program that you support, stop and frisk, are the citizens' fourth amendment rights protected? >> i believe they are protected. i don't believe the nypd has
6:26 pm
violated them. the information that was given to the federal junk with the ru -- judge a week ago she made her decision without looking at the data that was given to her. 90% of the lawyers for the other side of the city actually said 90% of them were legitimate searches that went on. and quite honestly, suspicion is written out in that supreme court ruling there are four or five different examples. for a police officer to see something suspicious, that officer has the right to stop the person in the proprocess, one of the biggest complaints that so many stop, question and frisk do not end up with an arrest, do not end up with a desk appearance ticket. >> i'm glad they don't because you stop a lot of people. we don't have that bad an estimate there's a point i want to make here. often you hear the cry that they've stopped all these people, made so few arrests. but you've taken some 80,000 guns off the street. >> right. >> that means there's 80,000 less illegal guns that can be reloaded and used to shoot innocent citizens. >> absolutely. >> or other criminals.
6:27 pm
that's bullets flying around. >> that's right. >> so when it comes to this, it's not a numbers game for me, it's a security game. there are clearly going to be issues once in awhile. this is not white cops stopping black kids. these are black cops, hispanic cops, it doesn't matter, asian cops. this is police using their observation, their training. >> right. >> so what do you say to the people who say that when there are bad instances, they want to turn this on its head? and when they're the beneficiaries in those neighborhoods where they're not being shot, they're not being harmed, they're not being robbed? >> it requires enhanced communication. the mayor and the police commissioner need to go out and explain exactly how their offices are trained, and retrained, and retrained. and also explain to the public that stop, question and frisk has been around for a long time. the speaker of the city council today made an outrageous statement that bill branton started stop, question and frisk. he wasn't even a cop in 1968.
6:28 pm
he didn't join the boston police department until two years later. reality is this has been around for a long period of time. i'm a son of a new york city cop. my father's explained to me a long time ago in the early 60s they were doing stop, question and frisk. it is something as the cops see something suspicious going on, he or she has absolutely the right to stop anybody and question them. >> and you also have the right to refuse. they can fill out the stop and frisk questionnaire, the form called the watch commander. there are processes in place. your fourth amendment rights are protected. >> right. >> and when there are cops who do it the wrong way, there's a process also for addressing that. and i think we have to address that issue as well. >> the reality is, you seem to know more about it than most people in new york city. and that is in and of itself one of the biggest problems. that's why communication is so critical. >> very true. up next, dozens of children are believed to have been killed in a massive chemical weapons attack in syria. but america's top diplomat at
6:29 pm
the snun sheu.n.? she's mia. when we return we'll explain why samantha power not only chose to skip an emergency security council meeting on this crisis of a quote prearranged trip, but she tweeted. we'll explain. ♪ [ crashing ] [ male announcer ] when your favorite food starts a fight, fight back fast with tums. heartburn relief that neutralizes acid on contact and goes to work in seconds. ♪ tum, tum tum tum tums! ♪ now you can give yourself a kick in the rear! v8 v-fusion plus energy. natural energy from green tea plus fruits and veggies. need a little kick? ooh! could've had a v8. in the juice aisle. need ♪ little kick? (woman) this place has got really good chocolate shakes. (growls) (man) that's a good look for you. (woman) that was fun.
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at this time right now we are unable to conclusively determine cw use but we are focused every minute of every day since these events happened yesterday on doing everything possible within our power to nail down the facts. >> and at this hour, the obama administration continues to deny that a so-called red line has been crossed in syria again. this despite growing visual evidence to suggest that chemical weapons were deployed wednesday by the assad regime. the footage on your screen has been blurred because of the extremely graphic nature.
6:34 pm
it appears to show the dozens of innocent men, women, and even children who the victims of the attack. the video was posted online frommed in syria and in another disturbing twist to this international crisis, we learned today the u.s. ambassador to the united nations actually skipped an emergency security council meeting yesterday. fox can confirm that samantha power was mia as a result of a quote prearranged trip. however, the administration won't say what it was, if it was for business or fit was for pleasure. you know, maybe someone should check martha's vineyard. joining me with reaction to the latest developments out of syria, radio talk show host dana lesch and democratic strategist penny lee. ladies, good evening. dana, penny, good to see you both. >> thank you, david. >> do you know where samantha power was? >> i don't.
6:35 pm
do i think that we're perhaps owed an explanation from the administration. however, i'm a little in this case it's a little bit odd for me. because i'm hesitant to actually blame samantha power for this. to me it seems if you look at what she said after she was nominated for this post, during the confirmation hearing, she was really pressing immediate action on the part of the u.n. in syria. if you look at how she held a twitter town cal last week she was tweeting about this yesterday as well this. is something that has been pressing upon her for a long time. she wanted to see some action. so when she's not there at this meeting and she send a substitute that's been basically the place holder, a career diplomat, nothing against rosemary decarlo but her focus has not been in the same places that samantha power has been. to me it seems that the president is blinking. he did not want to have to face answering to that red line. and so that's why samantha power was mia. >> okay, penny, this is the red line twice. turkey? they've confirmed it. france is concerned.
6:36 pm
look. put aside the partisan issue for a moment. these are innocent men and women potentially being killed. over 100,000 dead in syria. what does this president, what does he plan to do about this if he can do anything? >> unfortunately, we can't just go on video alone. we do need verification of what exactly occurred over there and who was responsible for these atrocities. it is, as you said, it is a tragedy and it is an atrocity. and so we do need to verify. we just can't make it up based on the videos we're viewing. luckily the u.n. -- >> we're getting communication from other countries and we saw this before. >> but we can't make that leap. we need the u.n. inspectors that are there on the ground now to be able to have -- to expand their scope. right now they're only allowed to visit three different areas. we need them to expand to be able to go and inspect that area in damascus about five miles from the hotel that where they
6:37 pm
are staying. if they are denied they think sets the tone for the red line as well. it's not just about the confirmation. but i also think if we're denied there are actions the united states needs to take because of that. >> dana, this is a tough situation. america is war weary. we don't want to get involved in another conflict. i don't want us to get involved in another conflict. is this a case of we really can't do anything substantive in syria and we've seen failure of the administration policies early on? >> yeah. well, we've seen a lot of foreign policy failure from this administration. this really, i wonder where the arab league is in this. i know they've essentially ex-communicated syria from participation. but when you look at the two factions involved, hezbollah with assad and according to several sources today you also now have al qaeda who are helping rebels they took over an air base just a couple of weeks ago. you have to be really careful. it's like libyan 2.0 in a way obviously. you have a lot greater atrocity on hand and the individuals yvi
6:38 pm
cetera. you need confirmation that could have been achieved with the u.n. council meeting. when samantha power didn't show up, she could have pressed the security council to make the u.n. inspectors that are already on the ground there. they're there to investigate past claims of gas use and abuses and all of that. and all of those past claims. what they could have done, her presence there, she could have forced them or pushed them, done something so that they would have been able to investigate this most recent claim. and as it is, the united nations just kind of said, well, just let them do their job what they're there to do and we'll go on. >> penny, are we going to get any action out of the security council? let's face it. the security council is not our friend. rush why and china get in our way and does that give the president kind of a dodge on the red, maybe purple line? >> i hope so. at that meeting, it's important to note that the united states interests were presented. and even though there was a deputy there, there were other
6:39 pm
deputies as well. germany had a deputy great britain had a deputy. >> people are dieing. >> what we don't know is that she was working and having those conversations behind the scenes and that she was engaged. as we know from her twitter account she's very much engaged. >> twitter is not engaged -- twitter, penny, is not engaged. >> but i don't think it's right to draw the conclusion that just because she wasn't physically in new york that she hasn't been engaged on this issue. >> oh, no. >> even today the state department said they are asking -- they are engaged as well in this to make sure that the u.n. inspectors that are on the ground are granted the ability to go to damascus. so the united states is engaged. it's not just because we weren't in one meeting in new york that other deputies were, too. [ overlapping speakers ] >> hang on a second. hang on. >> dana real quick. >> rosemary decarlo, she's been in moscow, a million other diplomatic posts. but her focus has not been in
6:40 pm
the arab world. that's where samantha power. >> ladies, i've got to cut it there. thank you both. coming up we all held our breath this week when a deranged man stormed a georgia elementary school armed with an ak-47 and started shooting up now there's another school saying it will not happen there. the school administrators up next to tell us why he's so sure. can your longwear makeup last 'til five o'clock?
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welcome back to "hannity." when an emotionally disturbed man walked into an atlanta elementary school earlier this week, he was armed with an ak-47. it was another disturbing reminder of just how quickly our children can go from being safe to being in mortal danger. and now the administrator of a private christian school in arkansas is saying, not on my watch. pastor perry black has posted signs outside the arkansas christian academy that say "staff is armed and trained. any attempt to harm our children will be met by deadly force."
6:45 pm
he says the goal of the signs is to prevent the need to use deadly force. but they're prepared to use it if needed. pastor black joins us now along with today starnes of fox news radio who has been reporting on this story. good to see you, todd, and pastor black you also. pastor, first to you. why the sign? and what is the goal? >> well, the purpose of the sign is potential perpetrators don't get a church bulletin and they don't hear our announcements. so we wanted to put a couple of simple signs out on our parking lot to let everyone know that's entering our exiting our parking lot that we have a high priority of safety for our children. >> your people that are trained, pastor, and you don't say who they are you just say that there are several. what kind of training do they go through, and are they certified in any way? >> well, we have law enforcement
6:46 pm
officers that are part of our congregation, and i met with them some time ago and we put together a safety plan and a training plan. and they have been training us, and like law enforcement officers will be retrained. continual training programs, safety programs, going back to the firing range and making sure we're recertified. >> todd, to you this is a private school, private property. >> that's right. >> parents choose to send their children there. they're not zip coded in as in a public school. >> that's right that's correct. >> this is your story. what's the up side? >> this is a great story. one of my readers on my facebook fan page has a child that goes to this school. and she sent me that photograph that we just saw. and she said, this is why i love sending my child to a private school. they really get it. and i have to tell you something, david, people have gone bonkers over this story. hundreds and hundreds of comments saying, way to go, arkansas christian academy. and let me tell you what. i'm from the deep south. >> i could never tell.
6:47 pm
>> well look, we don't mess around. we like to draw out our vowels and we also like to engage our second amendment rights. unfortunately in this country right now we have a department of homeland security that says the best way to defend yourself is to urinate on your attacker or flick rubber bands or paper clips at the guy. here we have a school that's decided, we're going to stand up, do whatever it takes to protect those children and those teachers. >> pastor, when it comes to the reaction from your members, your parents, have you had negative reactions? are there those who are concerned? >> no. it's been overwhelmingly positive as far away as london, england. so we're kind of taken back at the response because all we were intending to do was put a couple of signs and communicate to those coming and going. so we've really been a little bit shocked that this has brought national attention to really, though, a national problem. and so we want to take the opportunity to encourage our
6:48 pm
politicians to get out of conversations and bring solutions to the students in our schools. >> todd? does this work? could this be duplicated around the country? >> oh, i think it does work. and i like the pastor said, i hope the bad guys read that sign. because they may be very disappointed if they try to do something. look, i think that schools across the country need to take a page out of what they're doing in arkansas at this private school and really step back and realize it really is all about protecting the kids, protecting the teachers and the staff. and thank goodness this one christian school has decided to step out and do the right thing. >> but it's not just a christian school problem. let's talk about private schools as a whole. todd, this is a choice when parents send their kids there. so are you encouraging private schools across this country? what about public schools? >> you know, david, i wrote a column on talking about the united states raising a generation of savages. and sadly, we live in a country where quite frankly morality is
6:49 pm
gone. we're in an amoral society. and i think a lot of parents are finding the alternative, which is home school or private schooling, because they know their kids are going to get an education filled with traditional american values and also those values that we were taught growing up in schools that do in fact deal with god and the ten commandments. >> and do you, pastor perry black, what would you like to say to everyone around the country? is this something that you would like to see duplicated? and if so, why? >> well, yes. i'd like to again encourage those who write legislation to change the legislation to protect the children of america. and if they won't, somebody has to step up and do that. and we're a church. we're about loving people. but we're also about providing protection to the people, the young people in our care. and i don't understand why any politician or anyone, any loving, caring adult would have a problem with providing
6:50 pm
protection to small children. >> yes or no, pastor. with private money or public money? >> both. >> both. thank you very much, pastor perry black, todd starnes, fox news radio. thank you both. coming up nfl hall of famer and espn analyst chris carter sits down with sean to talk about his new book. the brutal life football players endure and much more. that's coming up next. for pain and swelling? apply cold therapy in the first 24 hours. but not just any cold. i only use new thermacare® cold wraps.
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now add the dodge part. ♪ the dodge summer clearance event. right now get 0% financing for to 72 months and no payments for 90 days on all dodge vehicles. welcome back to "hannity." legendary wide receiver chris carter spent 16 years in the nfl and quickly became known as one of the most dominant pass catchers in the history of the game. sean recently sat down with the hall of famer to talk about his illustrious career, his new book "going deep how wide receivers became the most compelling figures in pro sports." >> i love you on espn. i love you on game day. >> thank you. >> i love your analysis. i'm a big fan.
6:55 pm
you know, the story about you is pretty interesting. because i guess the first time you played football, peewee football, you were a quarterback. >> yes. >> you ran your first run was 60 some odd yards for a touchdown? >> first time i touched the football as a little leaguer, 8 years old. over 40 years ago playing the game. and i've always loved it since then. >> the average life span, we were talking about this before you came on air, of a nfl player, i thought for years. you're saying 3.5. >> 3 1/2 years is the average over the last 25 years. >> i've interviewed a lot of professional football players over the years. banged up, lawrence taylor, all these quarterbacks over the years. their bodies, some can't walk. they're injured for a long time. >> right. i'm not in that class. i'm very, very fortunate. i've been blessed with great genetics. and most of my career i was very very healthy. it's transitioned into my post career. but a lot of that, too, has to do with taking care of your body.
6:56 pm
the better you take care of your body in pro sports the better off your body is going to be. >> a lot of of these guys do take care of themselves and they still get banged up because this sport's a tough sport. >> those athletes you named were not the best condition ever. it is a contact sport, a physical sport and it will leave a mark on you. but i don't believe that the national football league are supposed to take care of guys forever. like it's not a career. it's a hobby. >> but it wasn't for you. you left the second all-time leading receiver behind jerry rice. >> i'm rare. jerry rice ace bad dude. >> i know. >> whatever list he's on he's first. he's a bad dude. wherever he is right now there's a bad dude sitting there. >> no, we were debating, i think, for what the athletes are offering and sacrificing, in a lot of cases it's their body. and they're killing themselves to get into the nfl and they're part of that small percentage. then they start out, get these minimums when they're drafted. do they deserve a bigger piece of the pie? >> i don't think so. i think it's a great relationship between the players
6:57 pm
and the owners. because football is a great opportunity for young people. and it's an even greater opportunity for african-americans. an opportunity for them, another way for them to escape where they are and potentially get an education. in america we have decided that getting a college degree is important to how much money you're going to make. >> true. >> so now another opportunity for all these young men to get out of the situations they're, in regardless of if they're rich or if they're poor, but they can go to college. >> how did you get 16 years in and these other guys can't make it beyond 3 1/2? >> god. took care of me. >> see, i knew you've got a lot of faith behind you. >> absolutely. absolutely. and i had a great team. i had a grea support system on the field, off the field, agents, trainers, nutritionists. i did everything i could to get the best out of my body. and i'm very very fortunate. >> so is minnesota your team because you played there the longest? or miami? >> i mean, it's really hard.
6:58 pm
when you cash them checks from a team from the nfl. it comes to nth mail, big old check. minnesota vikings football club you. get to cashing them over the years, you like purple. you start wearing purple ties and stuff. >> i wore one in honor of you, you know? >> but you do have a fondness. and for me they helped me so much off the field in my transition in life that i'll be forever indeaded to minnesota. >> you also were able to pull off, there's been a number of former players that have pulled it off, but you're at the top of the list in terms of success. making a transition into broadcasting is hard. it's not easy work. >> it's not. but i had a great agent that had prepared me halfway through my career. we started taking classes. i started getting a speech coach. we went to europe, broadcast games where nobody watched and i made all kind of mistakes. a >> you would not want to hear my early broadcasts. i refuse to airport first "hannity and colmes" on this
6:59 pm
ever. >> you were able to cut your he was able to see where i was going. by the time i had finished my career i already had a resume' of tapes, i had called games, i had done studio shows, i had hosted my own radio show. so i had a package to present to people that was -- >> what's your highlight of your career, the moment that really you never forget, you need a happy place to go to where do you go? >> gael to my 1,000th catch. it put me in such a rare air. in a category with jerry rice. we were the only two in that category. >> 1101 receptions? >> yes. >> you were 13,899 yards you were almost to 14,000 you should have stuck around a little while. >> if i took another shot i could have got to 14,000. >> really nice to meet you. big fan. book is awesome, too. called "going deep why wide receivers are most compelling in pro sports." >> thank you. >> that is all the time we have left this evening. thank you for being with us.
7:00 pm
we toss it now to greta van susteren standing by thrive go "on the record." greta. this is a fox news alert just moments ago police in washington state releasing surveillance video surveillance photos of two suspects in the fate beating of a world war ii veteran who was wounded in the battle of okinawa. the murder victim, 88-year-old delbert boughton, spokane washington police say two teens beat him to death last night. they attacked him in a parking lot of an ice arena. officers found the victim in his car. he had serious head injuries and later died. police are now looking for two suspects. anyone with information on this crime is asked to call police. we're going to bring you more on this breaking news story as we get it. right now, another unthinkable crime. >> one of the perps claims to have knocked out five white people since the zimmerman tria
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